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gb consite MultiRoute is a geo-service for multiple stops route planning, route optimization, tour planning and tour optimization and is a part of our range of Google Maps and BING Maps based geo online services. MultiRoute uses the BING Maps API and the on OpenStreetMap based OSRM API.

This service is targeted with its web interface as "software as a service" (SAAS) to all couriers, courier services, sales representatives, agents, flyer distributor, supplier, delivery personnel, service technicians, maintenance workers and other types of "salesmen" who need a ready to use, fast, flexible and cost effective service, that puts almost unlimited number of destination addresses in an optimized order, and who are not willing to invest in an expensive desktop software or do not have the possibility to get a company solution or a similar disposition solution.

MultiRoute uses the addresses you entered solely for the optimization of your trips and routes. Only you can export the destination addresses to your navigation device. Storing or processing of addresses by the operator of the m platform or other institutions will not take place in any case.
For more information on the methodology and operation of MultiRoute click here .

For tours with up to 7 stops, MultiRoute is free and can be used even without registration / application.
If you want to optimize a tour with more than 7 stops, you must register and then acquire a package for the temporary use within a certain time period (hour, day, month, year) via online payment with PayPal. During the booked period you can use MultiRoute as often and intensely as desired. At a time credit of 60 minutes or less, the route optimization is limited to 100 waypoints.

Step 1: Enter address

MultiRoute processes as many stops as you wish by

  • click on the map (the mouse cross marks the exact location of your stop), or
  • Excel spreadsheet upload (.xlsx, .ods, .xls) including description, color, stay time, time windows, and five additional fields for notes etc. or
  • address list entry with the right input field (simply copy the address into the clipboard for example from Word, Excel, or other text files. A stop per line, notation as above)

and geocodes them. You will then see the stops on the map and in the list of stops.

When uploading an Excel spreadsheet you optionally can provide your addresses directly with description, color, length of stay, time slots and five additional fields for comments, etc.
When first reading an Excel spreadsheet just assign which field contains the respective information. This field mapping will be automatically saved for all future uploads with your user profile.
When reading an address list with the input field on the right, select the option "addresses with description" to process additional information. Just add the customer number or customer name before the actual address and then separate this description with following characters from the actual address: TAB (tab) | (vertical bar or pipe), ; (semicolon) or , (comma).
; If in the geocoding some addresses are not located correctly, it may be helpful to select the country in which the stops are located (checkbox "stops predominantly in...").

You can also move the points on the map (with drag & drop) or clear them (with a click), which also works in the list.
The first stop in your list (green flag) is always the beginning of your tour and at the same time in case of a circular route the destination (checkered flag). In the case of an oneway tour, the last stop on the list is the destination of your trip (checkered flag).

Examples of address inputs:

  • gb consite GmbH, Mittenheimer Straße 58, 85764 Oberschleißheim (address with description, activate option!)
  • Mittenheimer Straße 58, 85764 Oberschleißheim
  • Mittenheimer Straße 58, 85764
  • gb consite GmbH | Mittenheimer Straße 58, Oberschleissheim (address with description, activate option!)
  • 85764 Oberschleißheim
  • 85764
  • Oberschleißheim
  • 48.260146,11.557453 (coordinate in decimal, the point as the the decimal delimiter and the comma as the field delimiter)
  • gb consite GmbH, 48.260146,11.557453 (address with description, activate option!)
Possible individual colors for address points:
  • red
  • black
  • blue
  • green
  • grey, gray
  • orange
  • purple
  • yellow

Step 2: Route Optimization

MultiRoute can display now the tour in the given order ("just draw tour") or calculate the optimized route either as a oneway track or circular route, regardless of the input sequence. For this purpose, you now have several options available:

  • optimization to minimum time
  • optimization to minimum distance
  • minimize toll
  • avoid motorway

After the optimization you will now get the stops in the correct sequence and the coordinates, distances and driving times from stop to stop. Of course, tour and stops are displayed on the map and you will receive a summary of the length of the total distance and the total travel time.
Now, if you move or delete the stops in the results, you can then start optimizing again or view the tour without optimization (button "redraw tour graph").

Step 3: Scheduling

In addition to the optimization you have the possibility to obtain arrival and departure times or break times for your optimized route .
Click on the "scheduling" button. In the result, you can now additionally specify a duration of stay for each stop (e.g. the duration of an customer meeting). You can also specify the desired arrival or departure time, and schedule regular breaks after a certain number of intermediate destinations.
All of the scheduling options are considered in the summary of the entire tour.

Step 4: Print & Export

Finally, the result can be printed or exported in a variety of formats - including the ones of the leading navigation device manufacturer (e.g. TomTom, Garmin, Navigon)
. For example you can load the stops in the optimized sequence into your navigation device, then drive by them one by one.
Please note that some additional software is needed to transfer the export files to the navigation device (e. g. Garmin BaseCamp or MapSource, TomTom Home).
As an additional output option you can export your planning file to a calendar like Microsoft Outlook, and the printing on paper is also available.

Features for registered users

Registered users with a valid package tours can calculate any number of stops (free of charge: up to 7 stops). The tours can be saved and loaded in the tour management for a new calculation.
The prices of the packages can be found in the price list ("My Account"). Other premium features (upload addresses, consideration of opening times, daily budget, etc.) are planned.

Where is the advantage?

gb consite MultiRoute is based on BING Maps (Google Maps is also possible) and therefore provides an unattainable price advantage over existing solutions that integrate their own map data. Furthermore, the latest map data is updated as the basis for routing, geocoding and visualization four times a year at no additional cost.
The web interface of MultiRoute works without installation on any computer with an Internet connection, and mobile devices are also supported.

More geo-services by gb consite GmbH

In addition to the "MultiRoute", we offer since May 2009 our award-winning geo-tool "Online Site Check" or our "White Spot Analysis", which produce a variety of different well-founded site analysis and soon also the geographical distribution controlling system "online market information" (previously available only as a customer solution), which helps in the evaluation of regional sales performance. It is planned to expand the product range of Google Maps and Bing Maps-based geo-services continuously and, as in the "MultiRoute" and the "Online Site Check" also to offer more partially free services (free preview of the catchment area).


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